“I am attracted by the infinite possibilities that arise when people interact with the space they inhabit”, says Lorenzo Catena. After training in architecture, the Rome based photographer captures – with elegance – moments of urban daily life. He shows complex and evocative compositions, assembled with harmony. By capturing the uniqueness of the place, its shapes and hidden geometry, the artist skillfully manipulates light to reveal the invisible ties between his subjects. “I am interested in the things hidden in my subconscious. When I take photographs, I seek to analyse them in the details I capture and the world I construct”. Since his first images in 2016, taken on the spot, his spontaneity has matured into a more sophisticated reflection. In addition to taking the viewer on a journey, he questions the photographic process. “Today, I work in a slower way: I develop a long-term project, and I favour new forms of narrative,” he concludes.

© Lorenzo Catena