“I discovered 223’s work in the wake of Ren Hang’s death in 2017 as the internet would mistakingly show both their work on search engines. I followed him on Instagram and I started to feel attached to his photographs. After some messages, we decided to work together”, remembers Anna Mistal, artist and curator. Lin and Anna consider themselves defenders of freedom. “We were both pursuing the same goal: to live as honestly and freely as possible. A quest in agreement with the traditions and the culture of our society. But since living freely is frowned upon… we are often viewed as provocative! ”
Although Lin is cleary influenced by Ren Hang, Anna emphasizes on his particular aesthetics: “He captures life! To survive, live happily, accept, forgive, have fun, all of these despite oppression and limits”. An ode to a quirky and fascinating Chinese youth, presented at Hôtel le Grand Amour during the month of November.

© Lin Zhipeng, aka No.223