I live a love story with light and color. I look for beauty in everything that surrounds me”, explains Delfina Carmona, a photographer based in Buenos Aires. Poetic, sensual and sometimes absurd, the young woman’s pictures are sublimed by natural light. “I am able to imagine a photo with just a glimpse of a ray of light”, she tells us. Though the photographer loves to experiment, her tools remain minimal. “Equipment does not do the job alone. True wonders can be achieved with the bare minimum”, she specifies. Freely, she sets the stage for herself to tell stories of dreams and fragility. “I prefer making self-portraits so that I know exactly how to place myself, what to express and how to reflect my emotions”, the artist adds. Shadow games on the walls and deformed optical illusions, Delfina Carmona plays with bodies with skill. A splendid universe she creates according to the whim of her desires.

© Delfina Carmona