“A man thinks about sex 19 times per day and a woman around 10 times… I am the sum of both! Sex is an important part of my life and I think people should not be ashamed to show it, nor integrate it into their everyday routine. To me, photography is a way to sublimate bodies and sex. I do not wish to provoke”, says Lao Xie Xie.“I am a human being who likes to express their own vision of the world through images. I live in China, and for safety reasons I do not wish to disclose my identity here”. The artist discovered the medium two and a half years ago. Liberated, they do not worry about judgment – even less when they are technical. “I don’t consider myself a photographer. I do not wish to compete against them. I am happy whether or not people like my shit. This is the first time in my life that I’m doing something just for me”. With their striking series Shanghai no why, Lao Xie Xie showcases a direct and punk vision of life.

© Lao Xie Xie