Born in the Rocky Mountains, Canada, photographer Landon Speers  grew up in a cold and isolated region. During his teenage years, photography became a way to “meet new people, explore new places and satiate curiosity in the unfamiliar”, the author tells us. Curious and sociable, Landons Speers captures spontaneous, often quirky and amusing moments. Like Martin Parr, the photographer is attracted to the eccentricity of the models he encounters on his way. “I try to not take myself too seriously, the photographer adds. I realise that levity is often one of the main ways people find release or communion. But I try to avoid situations where it feels like I’m laughing at someone, and gravitate more to general, and shared absurdities”. With a keen eye, Landon Speers focuses on his models’ body language. “Those movements that would come across as awkward if you tried to reproduce them with someone else”, he adds. Between laughter and poetry, the photographer captures people’s quirkiness.

© Landon Speers