When she moved abroad, ten years ago, Russian photographer Kira Gyngazova felt, for the first time, the need to capture her daily life. “I bought a film camera on eBay and started to photograph the details of the city”, she remembers. Now based in Bangkok, she lives off this sudden passion. “Fascinated by the 7th art, I fell in love with the cinematic beauty of the territory. I quickly turned to street photography, and I started to put together personal projects with friends and models”, she tells us. There is, in Kira Gyngazova’s pictures, a sense of nostalgia, a latent loneliness enveloping the sceneries and silhouettes. “Being an immigrant means spending a lot of time by yourself. Even the most populated metropoles can feel deserted sometimes. I like to play with this emotion in my images, I feel like it fits me”, she says. Inspired by the movies of Paul Thomas Anderson, David Lynch or even Andrei Tarkovsky, the photographer produces strange pictures, combining mystery and lyricism. By deconstructing bodies and compositions, she builds a sensorial universe, both sensual and lonely.

© Kira Gyngazova