“Growing up in I have always enjoyed spending time in Canadian nature, I found it comforting that it was part of mundane everyday life to be in breathtaking landscapes. Since then, I have lived in London, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Shanghai, and I often find myself trying to escape to nature”, Kin Coedel tells us. Fascinated by the wilderness, the photographer celebrates it in his images – down to the finest detail: from a leaf delicately resting on a face to the surreal shadings of a rocky area. There is a certain melancholy in the artist’s pictures, a need to pay a tribute to the past. “Working with light pastel colours, low contrast settings and obscure lights resonates with how I feel “memory” visualizes. The way we remember is sometimes inconspicuous, a bit fuzzy, and that intangibility is something I like to convey with lightness”, he says. Delicate, his portraits reveal a quest for honesty. A deep connection between beings helping them let go. In this pale and timeless world, the models’ bodies are liberated, and become one in with nature.











© Kin Coedel