Jeanne Pieprzownik mixes fine art with photography while she paints her images with colourful tones to enhance the world’s splendour. Inspired by naïve art and surrealism, she uses nuances to compose an emotional story, where each contrast becomes a symbol, a fragment, a sensation. “I am convinced that I see colours in a very bland way, she tells us. When one tone is considered flashy, it just seems normal to me. My palette is bright, it reflects my personality, my perception of the world. I use it to embellish a reality that can be difficult at times. I like to denounce plagues like pollution through a graphic approach”. Les chemins de l’ADN – a true encyclopedia made up of 700 images – tells, with a certain magical realism, the ambiguous relationship between man and nature. In a splendid landscape, the harmful imprints, scattered here and there by human beings, highlight their selfishness. “In this series, I showcase my ecological commitment. Humans do not perceive the obvious beauty of our planet. Must I accentuate its colours to make them aware of it?” Using her cursor as she would a brush, the artist applies balm to her environment. A whimsical filter, revealing a splendour tinged with bitterness, a fragile, dying charm whose brightness must be protected at all costs.








© Jeanne Pieprzownik