The images of Ismail Zaidy, a 22-year-old photographer born in Marrakech, Morocco, have three common features: they are colourful, minimal, and always hide a deeper meaning. “I design my Instagram page as a soothing space, removed from the stress of daily life”, explains the young artist, who considers photography to be his favourite means of expression. In 2010, he realised he could not live without artistic creation, and has kept experimenting ever since. With his smartphone – a Samsung Galaxy S5 – he produced those tremendous images showcasing his models – his brother and sister. “Through my pictures, I tackle the notions of gender equality, unity and love. I try to promote through them the Moroccan culture, and to shut down the stereotypes associated with my country. Morocco is not only a deserted country where people travel on animals’ backs”, he adds. His photographs compose a familial, artistic and cultural painting.

© Ismail Zaidy