Hassan Kurbanbaev is an experimental photographer from Uzbekistan. His images are a concoction of different styles : documentary, conceptual, fine art and fashion. His offbeat series Tashkent.DREAMS creates a parallel universe of a coalition between imagination and mind. The series is an insight into this curious talent through interesting, entertaining and intellectually simulating images. His juxtaposed pictures search for a meaning, an understanding. For Hassan it is like a game : “crossing over many photos, finding some that link, some that complement each other. For me it is like a story”. Hassan explores the theme of  identity through photography. By delving into his city, Tashkent, a place still unknown to many, as well as everyday objects and clothing he creates a new experience, a story. These photos already provoke the senses, from different textures, structures while complemented with his simple and efficient personal layout.

Photos by © Hassan Kurbanbaev