“I like to take inspirations from different art mediums, such as painting, music, sculpture, performance art and filmmaking”, Guoman Liao tells us. Fascinated by the process of creation, the photographer likes to experiment. From fashion to documentary, to conceptual photography, he uses the medium as a way to channel his vivid imagination. “A true means of expression”, he adds. Yet, Guoman Liao likes to play with the spectator and its subconscious. “I find it a lot harder to affect people that way, rather than just putting unusual props in a set”, the photographer adds. While he enjoys surrealism and its pictorial aesthetics, the artist prefers to manipulate colours, composition, or the mere concept of the image, rather than placing his models in a weird position. His portraits, influenced by Vermeer, Matisse or even Miró form a colourful overview, where humour and beauty blend together.

© Guoman Liao