“Hamza and I, we grew up together. We went through childhood, and some of our teenage years together, and we are still in contact. After each summer, he would tell me about his holidays in Morocco, with his family. This was the only time of the year we were not together. When I visited Morocco, I imagined him, near me. I would put images on his stories, and picture us, at the same age, in those streets. This series is the travel notebook of an imaginary journey, we never embarked on together”, Fred Lahache tells us. This photographer, based in Paris, likes to tell simple stories through his journeys. As an observer, he is charmed by the grace of ordinary scenes, of fleeting moments. When he travelled to Morocco, his friendship with Hamza drove him to imagine a tale lost between two timelines. “I noticed things that would have interested us when we were 12 (…) Morocco as seen through the eyes of kids, yes, but without falling into nostalgia”, the photographer adds. Graphic and unique, Looking for Hamza shines as the lovely story of a trip abroad.

© Fred Lahache