“Using minimalism, I pursue this feeling of isolation that transports us to a higher state of consciousness. To learn how to admire what we have in our everyday life”, says the Italian photographer Francesco Lopazio. Without any guidelines, apart from the sublimation of what nature offers us, his images take us to encounter the world. Straight out of a dream, his elegant compositions open the curtains on hidden treasures. Inspired by the writings of the Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi, the artist captures “strong colours and bold subjects” to better question “the relationship between human beings and nature”, he explains. Facing us, galloping, or in the middle of the landscape, we discover the noble figure of the horse, here and there, in his images – a majestic and intimate symbol for the artist. “They are not only beautiful figures, they represent my connection with the mountains that surround my hometown. So when I travel and meet these beautiful beings, I feel at home. These white horses in particular. They are free. They are allegorical,” concludes the photographer.

© Francesco Lopazio