Trained as a graphic designer Cécile André, 33, turned to photography when she moved to Nantes, France. “This city is filled with exhibitions, musical and dance events… I got carried away by this artistic dynamic”, she tells us. She has been producing, ever since, delicate film portraits. “Experimenting, starting again, varying frames and laying times… This is a psychological, almost contemplative approach. When I shoot, I stop thinking about everything else”, she explains. The bodies the photographer captures embody freedom. Enigmatic, amused, liberated – they all defy the taboo of nudity. “Women have long been reduced to the status of muse, instrumentalised by the male artist – this is a reappropriation”, Cécile André says. In nature or in stylish settings, her models offer with a simple gaze, fragments of raw honesty.









© Cécile André