“My approach? It’s emotive, raw, honest and inclusive with elements of surrealism”, Bex Day tells us. After studying journalism at University, the London-based artist turned to photography. A curriculum which influenced her way of planning out projects. “I like to construct a narrative before shooting so that each shoot I do is unique to me”, she adds. Driven by a desire to deconstruct beauty ideals, Bex Day plays with the rules of fashion and stages different body types. In her images, silhouettes cohabit with absurd accessories, like an invitation to view one’s body with a certain lightness, to play with symbolism or with the quirkiness of imagined associations. “I think it’s extremely important to show body types that are relatable”, the artist adds. As amusing as they are beautiful, her creations invite us to reinterpret our own vision of the “aesthetically correct”.









© Bex Day