Anett Pósalaki, a 27-year-old visual artist, graduate of the Moholy-Nagy University of Applied Art in Hungary, models  – out of her own environment – a parallel universe as beautiful as it is peaceful. “I want to showcase what silence means to me. Taking a photo is like stopping time for a brief moment. I am inspired by everything I read, everything I see. Those little things that surround us, that we find in every object, building, person or plant”, she says. Sensitive portraits, body parts, ephemeral sculptures… The real and the abstract intersect in her works, and compose an experimental poetic narrative. A dimension apart, evoking the aesthetics of fashion, and the delicate mobiles of Alexander Calder. “Since the beginning of the confinement, I have been more interested in the notion of intimacy. Our confined space is filled with details that, when we pay attention, open the doors to a new world”, she adds.











© Anett Pósalaki