“My name is Alla Chiara. I was born in Russia and moved to Italy when I was 8. I turned to photography during my teenage years, when I was trying to communicate my thoughts and feelings, and flourish. I’ve left so many things behind me, back in Russia, I needed to understand”, says the 22-year-old artist. Quickly, the young woman realised that, in order to get to know herself and discover her path in life, she had to work with emotions – her own or other’s. “When I started producing, I wanted to highlight human being’s fragility, through their stories. Now, I try to get a glimpse at what escapes a photographer’s gaze. I want to showcase all perspectives of life, all its details that cannot be explained through our feelings”. In her approach, bodies and nature become one. “Nature is the essence of life, and yet we do not pay attention to it. I am convinced we could learn many things from it…”, Alla Chiara Luzzitelli tells us.

© Alla Chiara Luzzitelli