“We don’t necessarily need to identify with what we do. I like this freedom more than anything”, says Alexis Vasilikos, a greek photographer who does not want to belong in any photography category. Balancing act brings together various images from his archives. “I like doing this sort of ‘soup’, he explains. For this series, I’m studying the different definitions for the concept of balance.” In Alexis Vasilikos’ pictures, the balancing games resurface often and are more or less subtle. They link the routine of daily life — social or political— to spirituality and are witnesses to this relationship. Because “in the end, life is just a constant balancing game.” Here is a curious photographer who succeeds in immortalizing the in-between. His images also go back and forth between humor and sophistication.

© Alexis Vasilikos / All images courtesy of CAN Christina Androulidaki Gallery