Fashion photographer Dimitri Guedes, based in Montreal, likes to deconstruct reality. His strange and quirky pictures reveal another side of Haute couture. A captivating and revamped approach.

When one of his friend bought an old film camera in a thrift store, Dimitri was immediately attracted to the object. As a former film director, the discovery of still images helped him transform reality. “I was fascinated by the possibility of creating a quirky, beautiful visual universe“, he explains. Men are present in his images, but their bodies, turned accessories, glow, transforming and transcending their environments.

Dimitri Guedes’s images enhance clothing brands, but it is their dreamy quality that immerse us into a hallucinated fantasy. “I love when aesthetics flirt with dream and reality. Fashion photography enables me to stage models, and feed my wish to create raw and poetic photographs”, Dimitri tells us. Inspired by art, his commissions sublimate Haute couture without altering his unique approach of the medium. “I am convinced that art and fashion can go hand in hand. Just take a look at Guy Bourdin’s work, and you should be persuaded too”, he adds. Eyes half-closed, contemplative models, gracious and nonchalant hands, arched bodies deep in trance… Attention is in the details. They are subtil sparks, revealed through the stillness of images. An unusual vision of fashion photography.


© Dimitri Guedes