Here’s a focus on three of the readers’ favourites discoveries, presented last September on Fisheye’s website: Kate Sweeney, Shane Rocheleau and Marta Bevacqua.

1. Kate Sweeney

American portraitist Kate Sweeney captures the raw beauty of women. Her colourful pictures sublime the diversity of bodies, and offer a new vision of nudity. To Kate Sweeney, photography is a true therapy. Ever since her teenage years, she has been capturing the world and the bodies around her. “As I got older and grew into my womanhood, I started understanding how photographs can heal”, she explains. “Taking self-portraits, photographing people, knowing how the images we see daily can impact our sense of worth, helped me realise how amazing it feels to see your body as a work of art…” Kate focuses on revealing the strength of each of her models. “I always want my subjects to feel very natural, so they mostly do their own hair and make-up”, she tells us. “I photograph a lot of my friends, but I’ve also made so many new friends through photography”.

© Kate Sweeney

2. Shane Rocheleau

Shane Rocheleau documents human behaviours. In his project You are the masters of the fish and birds and all the animals, he studies the notion of masculinity in the United States. A sociological tale, treated with great relevance. Interview with the artist.

© Shane Rocheleau

3. Marta Bevacqua

Italian artist Marta Bevacqua started photography when she was only 17. As an art lover, she found in the medium the poetry and strength she liked in books and canvas. After graduating high school, she started her career and turned to fashion photography. Yet, Marta finds her inspiration away from the studios. “I like nature, in every way”, she explains.

© Marta Bevacqua

Cover picture: © Kate Sweeney