Here’s a focus on three of the readers’ favourites discoveries, presented last October on Fisheye’s website: Crowns & Owls collective, Kiki Xue and Daniel Müller.

1. Crowns & Owls

The Crowns & Owls collective took on this universal, yet lesser known subject, and produced Within, a three-minute film. “We are not specialists of mental health, but this theme had unconsciously guided our previous productions”, they explain. The trio decided to shed light on this issue, and gave the short film to Mind, a British association specialising in mental health. This ad also became a book, whose profits were donated to the association.

© Crowns and Owls

2. Kiki Xue

Kiki Xue, a Chinese artist from Sichuan, a province in Southwest China, turned to photography by accident. “I used to study mathematics at University”, he tells us. However, fascinated by the medium, he started collecting books from “the great masters of photography” and started to train. He quickly got hired by a Fashion magazine, and developed his unique aesthetics in this field.

© Kiki Xue

3. Daniel Müller

“My memory often lets me down, and photography helps me still moments… It is an essential creative release as well. Thanks to photography, I can tell the truth, reveal secrets”. With Endless Summer, the Berlin based photography Daniel Müller chose to focus on Switzerland, his girlfriend’s home country.

© Daniel Müller

Cover picture © Crowns and Owls