Here’s a focus on three of the readers’ favourite discoveries, presented last November on Fisheye’s website: Céline Bodin, Lin Zhipeng and Mirka Laura Severa.

1. Céline Bodin

28-year-old French photographer Céline Bodin, specialises in portrait. Her series cover a variety of themes and question the notion of gender and the habits of Western culture. Interview with a passionate artist.

© Célin Bodin

2. Lin Zhipeng 

Discovered by curator Anna Mistal, Lin Zhipeng views himself as a freedom advocate. “We have both been pursuing the same goal, to like as honestly and freely as possible. A quest in agreement with the traditions and the culture of our society. But since living freely is frowned upon… we are often viewed as provocative!”, Anna tells us. An ode to a quirky and fascinating Chinese youth.

© Lin Zhipeng

3. Mirka Laura Severa

Mirka Laura Severa is a photographer and visual artist based in Amsterdam. Her works blends together abstract and colourful images and animations. “I find my inspiration in a pastry shop at the corner of the street, at the supermarket, or even at the airport. I observe people wherever I am”, the artist tells us. Yet, man is often absent from her pictures, merely leaving tracks or strange clues – a costume, a machine, the fragment of a body… The result forms a pop and rather surreal collection.

© Mirka Laura Severa

Cover pictures © Célin Bodin

Vidéo :  © Nina Peyrachon