Here’s a focus on five of the readers’ favourite discoveries, presented in November 2020 on Fisheye’s website: Tim Franco, Marie Aynaud, Clément Marion, Makis Makris, and Charlotte Abramow, one of the photographers from the Elles X Paris Photo digital track.

1. Tim Franco

“In the early days, people trying to escape from North Korea were executed in public if they were caught. Going to China was seen as a conspiracy against the government. That hasn’t changed. Escape is still seen as treason, a crime against the country,” North Korean defector Eun-Ju Kim told Tim Franco. For the past three years, the Franco-Polish photographer, member of the Inland structure, has been working on Unperson, a book project dedicated to these individuals who risked everything to start a new life, far from the dictatorship. A work mixing photographic experiments and poignant testimonies.

© Tim Franco

2. Marie Aynaud

“In April, after being confined in my parents’ house for about a month, I was very confused. I had lost my job as a bookseller, and I couldn’t take pictures. I found a pile of old newspapers and started cutting them up. I was in great need of images, but I couldn’t face mine or Instagram’s anymore,” says Marie Aynaud. With her collages, the artist Marie Aynaud transforms nudes photographed by men into poetic works synonymous with freedom.

© Marie Aynaud

3. Clément Marion

“When was the last time you saw a major burn victim? You haven’t see any? It’s normal, these people hide.” With his series Phœnix, the photographer Clément Marion offers a sensitive point of view on the bodies of burn victims. A subject that questions as much the representation of the self as the view of our society.

© Clément Marion

4. Makis Makris

With Odysseus’ Clepsydra, Greek photographer Makis Makris enchants us with the deep black of his handcrafted images. Locked up at home, the artist invites us, like Ulysses, to set off on a journey, but this time into the dark corridors of our mindsInterview.

© Makis Makris

5. Charlotte Abramow

As part of the digital track dedicated to women photographers Elles X Paris Photo, we present, during ten days, the artists put forward on video. Let’s focus today on the productions and commitments of the feminist photographer Charlotte Abramow.

© Charlotte Abramow

Cover picture: © Tim Franco