Here is a focus on three of the readers’ favourite discoveries, presented last June on Fisheye’s website.

1. Jocelyn Lee

The Appearance of Things is a work that Jocelyn Lee has been perfecting for ten years. A pictural creation reflecting several of her favourite themes. In this project, portraits, landscapes and still lives merge. Her models – often found through ads in newspapers – like her floral compositions evoke, with poetry, the ephemerality of life. Canvas which appear like sceneries in the dark of night.

© Jocelyn Lee

2. Federica Sasso

How to define boundaries when we live at the heart of a digital world? Millenials do not seem to have any. Growing up in synch with the growth of smartphones, social media have become a part of their lives. “Instagram requires them to play a role, to exhibit a strong personality”, Federica Sasso adds. In #Post-adolescence, the photographer meets the millenials, this generation of teenagers glued to their phones. By getting to know them, she went behind the scenes, and discovered a moving and poetic reality. A series to discover during the Night of the Year, in BYOPaper, Les Rencontres d’Arles.

© Federica Sasso

3. Frank Horvat the “photosopher”, a film by Sandra Wis

At the MEP (European House of Photography), Frank Horvat and Sandra Wis reveal the product of their collaboration : Le Photosophe, des instants avec Frank Horvat (The Photosopher, instants with Frank Horvat, ed.). A captivating film creating a dialogue between photo and video. Viewable until November, 27th in Spain, as part of the Frank Horvat retrospective – Please don’t smile. A full-length feature on photography, on the photographic instant – far from a classical biopic. The quotes from the photosopher still resonate, like an ode to life : “Look, see and take”.

 © Frank Horvat

Cover pictures © Jocelyn Lee