Here’s a focus on five of the readers’ favourite discoveries, presented in December 2020 on Fisheye’s website: Tristan Hollingsworth, Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen, Lorenzo Catena, Sasha Mongin and Hervé Chatel.

1. Tristan Hollingsworth

Sometimes romantic, sometimes graphic, his creations evoke familiar worlds, where intimacy, sensuality and freedom take over our fears. Like a graceful waltz, Tristan Hollingsworth’s favourite subjects keep reappearing and become a comforting, captivating presence.

© Tristan Hollingsworth

2. Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen

As a visual artist and medical student, Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen, 26, uses science to distort reality. Fascinated by the laws of physics and mathematical structures, she draws on this knowledge to shed light on the surrealism of our daily lives.

© Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen

By capturing the uniqueness of the place, its shapes and hidden geometry, Lorenzo Catena skillfully manipulates light to reveal the invisible ties between his subjects. “I am interested in the things hidden in my subconscious. When I take photographs, I seek to analyse them in the details I capture and the world I construct”

© Lorenzo Catena

“At the beginning of the lockdown, I felt like a cartoon character that Covid-19 had frozen in place, equipped with a super cryogenic gun,” recalls Sasha Mongin, a photographer who specialises in staged portraits. So, unable to retreat to her freezer, in her Covid -19°C series, the artist fixed and gathered personal objects accompanying her in the normal world, or rather in the world before: “the world outside of lockdown”. Travel, sport, live performance, or even fantasy. They all symbolise freedom and hedonism.

© Sasha Mongin

5. Hervé Chatel

“Lining up for a long-awaited release, listening to discussions about the film, finding yourself at the opening of a cinema almost alone, eating a meal with my sweetheart before a screening at the Méliès, in Montreuil, or simply letting ourselves be carried away by a story and cutting off from reality”. More than the cinema, it is these extra things that Hervé Chatel, a street photographer based in Paris, misses most of all. On March 14th, the curtains were pulled for French cinemas. A hard blow for the photographer, passionate about the art form. Nuit américaine is not just a stroll through the streets of Paris, it is a true homage to the medium.

© Hervé Chatel

Cover picture: © Lorenzo Catena