Here is a focus on three of the readers’ favourite discoveries, presented last April, on Fisheye’s website.

1. Sakiko Nomura

With Ango, Sakiko Nomura conceived a photobook, inspired by the Second World War and a novella by Ango Sakaguchi, One Woman and the War. A creation filled with beautiful monochromes and painful stories. Ango’s words haunted photographer Sakiko Nomura, who immersed herself into her own archives, looking for illustrations that would give life to Sakaguchi’s words. An ensemble of touching photographs, full or sorrow and erotism. “When I decided to create a book around this novel, I immersed myself for a few months into Ango’s work and my images” Sakiko tells us. Her usual masculine nude put aside, she instead chose to select female models, and lonely characters. The result is captivating. The isolation of the original narrative resonates in Sakiko’s pictures, and her delicate shadows enhance the novella’s sensuality.

©︎ Sakiko Nomura

2. Joakim Kocjancic

Joakim Kocjancic was born and raised in Milan. From Swedish descent, his last name is Slovenian. He studied in Sweden and Italy, and his job, as a photojournalist, took him to Dublin, Santa Cruz, Stockholm and even London. His work, Europea, illustrates his life as a traveler and his fascination for the urban space. “This is my story. This is my Europe, a dreamlike journey through the European capitals and the urban landscapes”, Joakim tells us. He built, with his images, a new European city, where boundaries are no more, and humanity prevails. “My photographs are electric, both hopeful and hopeless, they are the visual result of my quest for identity, of what a European identity could be”, he adds. To him, culture, history and, above all, humanism form this community. “It is through photography that I started a dialogue between my ideas and my feelings towards the outside world (…) I love living in the moment, photographing streets and people. It is an endless theatre play”, he concludes.

© Joakim Kocjancic

3. Alessandra Calò

Italian photographer Alessandra Calò, presents, at the Festival Circulation(s), her series Kochan. A hybrid projet, blending together drawings and photographs, to create a poetic and intimate exploration. Fisheye met with the artist.

© Alessandra Calò