Here is a focus on three of the readers’ favourite discoveries, presented last March on Fisheye’s website.

1. Dimitri Guedes

Fashion photographer Dimitri Guedes, based in Montreal, likes to deconstruct reality. His images enhance clothing brands, but it is their dreamy quality that immerse us into a hallucinated fantasy. “I love when aesthetics flirt with dream and reality. Fashion photography enables me to stage models, and feed my wish to create raw and poetic photographs”, Dimitri tells us.

© Dimitri Guedes

2. Kathleen Meier 

Young photographer Kathleen Meier uses image to try to comprehend the world revolving around her. Her series Huis Clos (Enclosed ed.) takes us on a psychological journey, where poetry meets claustrophobia. Dark and mysterious, the pictures that fill Huis Clos talk about confinement. Yet, there, men are absent. Melancholy and strangeness leak out of those empty places, where loneliness is heavily present. “I use photography to express my feelings, my personal reflections that could be universal”. She delivers, through her series, a deep story about isolation. “Huis Clos is a suggested confinement to which we react the way we would if we were facing a dead end, both literally and figuratively”. Sweet nostalgia and oppression fill those abandoned and disturbingly calm spaces.

© Kathleen Meier

3. Patrice Bellot

Since 2013, Patrice Bellot, a 45 year-old photographer and academic, has been capturing the city of Marseille and its surroundings. His book, Carrefour Bellevue, gathers a few of his black and white pictures, taken with an iPhone, results of his trips into the Phocéenne town. “My pictures are, for the most part, street photographs – images captured in cities, on the roads, on foot, by the windows of a car or a train”, the photographer explains. More than the importance of the instant, colours, shadows and movements create the particular feelings of a place, of a moment, thus intriguing Patrice. “It is hard to put words on those feelings, they are often fleeting, but make me want to keep photos taken in the spur of the moment, most of the time”, he adds. Carrefour Bellevue resembles a travel notebook one refrained from annotating. A small, essential guide for whomever wishes to discover Marseille through pictures.

© Patrice Bellot