Here’s a focus on three of the readers’ favourite discoveries, presented last November on Fisheye’s website: Martina Cirese, Mous and Yan Morvan.

1. Martina Cirese

Since 2017, photographer Martina Cirese has taken an interest in reborns – hyper realistic dolls – and their buyers. Through her series Do Women Dream of Synthetic Kids? She questions the notions of family and humanity. A complex and fascinating story. “The topic first scared me, and it immediately impressed me. Fear is very much present in my works, it helps me try to understand things, to confront my anxieties”, Martina Cirese explains, as an introduction.

© Martina Cirese

2. Mous

“One day, someone told me that I lived in the future. I replied that I was searching for a futuristic traditional and cultural atmosphere. Every one fantasises about the future. My vision of what’s to come is mostly inspired by my culture, filled with humour, cartoons and fashion. My philosophy? I like traditions and I try to turn them into something new. I’d love to be nicknamed “time traveller” one day. I’m a Muslim Moroccan, and it breaks my heart to see what the media say about us. Thus, I try to show the worlds who we really are”, says Moustapha, alias Mous, 36. The photographer works with fashion photography and keep breaking the rules, as shown in his quirky and humoristic productions on his Instagram page.

© Mous

3. Yan Morvan

“Honestly, I was completely lost. When I went back home, I brought heroin with me without even realising it, I had an exuberant style, and most of all, I had become a stranger, a pariah, even.” This is how Yan Morvan, a reporter with a great career and blazing topics, described his journey back from Thailand, where he spent six months, from December 1979. Trained in the press, the old warrior tried all photographic jobs and published his pictures in famous magazines. For the 2019 Paris Photo fair, he published BKK with Noeve editions, a book sharing his peregrinations in a feverish Bangkok.

© Yan Morvan