Here’s a focus on five of the readers’ favourite discoveries, presented last March on Fisheye’s website:  Kin Coedel, Carol Espíndola, François-Xavier Marciat, Caterina Theoharidou, and Rodrigo Sombra.

1. Kin Coedel 

Fascinated by the wilderness, the photographer celebrates it in his images – down to the finest detail: from a leaf delicately resting on a face to the surreal shadings of a rocky area.

© Kin Coedel

2. Carol Espíndola

Photographer, educator, essayist inspired by contemporary culture… Carol Espíndola is always questioning women’s place in our world, their relation to their bodies, and the stereotypes she must fight on a daily basis. In 2001, the Mexican artist discovered the medium. “I have very few photos of my childhood. After the births of my daughters, I started using a camera to document their lives”, she says.

© Carol Espíndola

3. François-Xavier Marciat

“I have a constant need to take a step back, shield myself from the world to find myself and think peacefully”, says François-Xavier Marciat. The latest series by this Belgium-based photographer especially resonates with the news. Yet, he began working on Lockdown a year ago. His goal? “To show a calm world, working slowly, and nature taking back its rights”.

© François-Xavier Marciat

4. Caterina Theoharidou

“Photography and architecture are perfectly linked, one completes the other”, Caterina Theoharidou says. Indivisible, the two practices blur in her meticulous work. She claims her creativity to be the perfect tool to produce a complex – yet simple – artwork. Feminine silhouettes – whose faces remain hidden – flourish in bizarre situations and in front of monochrome backgrounds.

© Caterina Theoharidou

5. Rodrigo Sombra

Between 2014 and 2019, Brazilian photographer Rodrigo Sombra travelled many times to Cuba. With Insular Night: Invisible Gardens, he delivers a personal testimony of a culture both foreign and mysterious. Instead of explaining it out, he deconstructs preconceived ideas often associated with the island. A project published by Paper Journal.

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planta negra_ARQUIVP_ICP 001

© Rodrigo Sombra

Image d’ouverture © Kin Coedel