Here’s a focus on five of the readers’ favourite discoveries, presented in July 2021 on Fisheye’s website: Mélanie Patris, SMITH, Henerico Rossi, Lucas Leffler, and Arno Brignon.

1. Mélanie Patris

Photographer and visual artist Mélanie Patris focuses on a vision of nature and femininity associated with dreams. Inspired by notions of time and space, she explores the relationships between people and wilderness – relationships that influence and shape our identity. Interview with the artist who created the series Géographie sauvage, What we leave behind.

© Mélanie Patris


In the 52nd edition of the Rencontres d’Arles, visual artist SMITH, exhibits Desideration, a long-term project gathering his experiments and questionings on identity, gender and the many relationships unfolding between beings and their environment. This article can be found in our latest issue.


3. Henerico Rossi

Based between London and Paris, Italian photographer Henerico Rossi builds narratives inspired by encounters, instinct, and the essence of what makes up a world. “Although I make commissions, my approach is rooted in documentary. I never build mood boards, for example, because figuring out your aesthetic first is like driving a car in reverse on a highway, you can’t see where you are going”, he tells us.

© Henerico Rossi

4. Lucas Leffler

With Zilverbeek (Silver creek), Lucas Leffler explores the myth of a worker who made his wealth from the mud at the bottom of a river. Hidden inside it, was money a photographic film factory disposed of. A story alternating between archive and tale, research and performance, matter and abstraction. Interview.

© Lucas Leffler

5. Arno Brignon 

In his latest book, Terre et Territoires #1 – Les Doutes, published last June, Arno Brignon puts our provinces into perspective. For seven days, carrying 13 kg on his back, the photographer walked across the Centre-Val de Loire region, from the Loire to the Perche vendômois, passing through the Beauce. A 110-kilometre journey during which the artist questioned the place of traditions in our capitalist societies. Interview with a photographer who denounces the standardisation of our ways of life.

© Arno Brignon

Cover picture: © Mélanie Patris