Here’s a focus on three of the readers’ favourite discoveries, presented last July on Fisheye’s website: Alex Lysakowski, Maria Baoli and Rebecca Topakian.

1.Alex Lysakowski

Fascinated by the rituals associated with images, he likes to produce clean pictures, regardless of what the subject matter is. Antistructures, a series created during his final year of college was so popular, the photographer decided to continue it. “I was looking to represent something that was unsettling and uncanny but drew you in nevertheless”, Alex Lysakowski tells us.

© Alex Lysakowski

2. Maria Baoli

Maria Baoli, a Spanish photographer based in Belgium studies in her book Vague de rêve (Dream wave, ed.) the triangular relationship between Man, animal and nature. A research of the true balance that gave birth to a poetic proposal.

© Maria Baoli

2. Rebecca Topakian

Are those people isolated dancers or port of a collective communion? Rebecca Topakian gathers in Infra – a book published by Classe Moyenne – sublime moments of abandonment. A reflexion on the place of the self in a community.

© Rebecca Topakian

Image d’ouverture © Rebecca Topakian