Here’s a focus on five of the readers’ favourite discoveries, presented last December on Fisheye’s website: Xiangyu Liu, Simon Lehner, Vincent Ferrané, Synchrodogs and Katrine Estrup.

1. Xiangyu Liu

“My models are my muses. I like to capture people that I find interesting in life. Though they do not always have ‘the perfect feature’, they fascinate me – they are normal people yet whimsical” Xiangyu Liu says. This Chinese photographer moved to Russia to study fine arts before turning to photography. There, he discovered another way to see the world.

© Xiangyu Liu

2. Simon Lehner

“I had my first photography class in highschool when I was 14 lead by a fantastic teacher. He came into the classroom and started talking about what photography can be instead of what we think it is and from those first sentences I knew that this would be my tool to express myself”, Simon Lehner remembers. This 23-year-old artist, based in Vienna, has been experimenting with imagery ever since – playing with photography, painting, archives, and even 3D. In How far is a lightyear?, he entered the imagination of a growing young boy.

© Simon Lehner

3. Vincent Ferrané

Vincent Ferrané is not only fascinated by women, he studies the standards of beauty, as shown in his series Iconography – 25 figures of Jeanne Damas, focusing on a famous it girl/model/businesswoman. Interview with a photographer deconstructing the rules, and the myths.


© Vincent Ferrané

4. Synchrodogs

Documenting the relation between man and nature, the duo Synchrodogs produces hallucinated images, inspired by their dreams and our planet. Roman Noven and Tania Shcheglova, two Ukrainian photographers have formed, since 2008, a partnership called Synchrodogs. An alliance they always deemed necessary. “If you have this artistic thing in you it is quite impossible to escape your urge to crate, so we just followed that unavoidable path”, they explain.

© Synchrodogs

5. Katrine Estrup

For 8 years, Katrine Estrup, a Copenhagen-based 27-year-old photographer has documented the love story between Robert and Sussi, his sheep. Relationsheep tells the story of a good man and his sweet fiancée. A narrative as strange as this couple.

© Katrine Estrup

Cover picture: © Xiangyu Liu