Here’s a focus on three of the readers’ favourite discoveries, presented last December on Fisheye’s website: Alex Huanfa Cheng, Guendalina Flamini and Ioanna Sakellaraki.

1. Alex Huanfa Cheng

Alex Huanfa Cheng graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in 2017, and delivered, with The days with Zhiyu, an intimate story. A series guided by the deep connection between two beings.

© Alex Huanfa Cheng

2. Guendalina Flamini

To produce Glassy Eyes, Guendalina Flamini, 32, went to dozens of concerts in small Parisian venues, photographing young rock’n’roll groups. A sensual book, depicting another vision of masculinity.


© Guendalina Flamini

3. Ioanna Sakellaraki

After her father’s death, photographer Ioanna Sakellaraki travelled back to her home country, Greece, to the Mani peninsula, looking for representations of mourning. In The truth is in the soil, an abstract story inspired by Greek laments, she questions the notions of absence, presence and fiction facing a mysterious entity called Death.

© Ioanna Sakellaraki

Cover picture: © Alex Huanfa Cheng