Here’s a focus on five of the readers’ favourite discoveries, presented last April on Fisheye’s website: Lao Xie Xie, Alice Khol, Philippe Labrosse, Charalampos Kydonakis, and Eugène Blove.

1. Lao Xie Xie

“A man thinks about sex 19 times per day and a woman around 10 times… I am the sum of both! Sex is an important part of my life and I think people should not be ashamed to show it, nor integrate it into their everyday routine. To me, photography is a way to sublimate bodies and sex. I do not wish to provoke”, says Lao Xie Xie. With their striking series Shanghai no why, they showcase a direct and punk vision of life.

© Lao Xie Xie

2. Alice Khol

Love? A broad subject. One that 38-year-old French photographer Alice Khol, based in Brussels, decided to study through words and images, and with many different angles – 365 precisely. Encounter with the author of 365 degrés (D’amour), a book – or rather a poetic ethnography – published by Loco editions.

© Alice Khol

3. Philippe Labrosse

An intentional, public, concerted and peaceful refusal of a law, a rule, an organistion, of a power by a group of citizens. Civil disobedience emerges as a new way to commit, to present one’s ethical and political values. Encounter with one of the French photographer specialising in the trend – Philippe Labrosse.

© Philippe Labrosse

4. Charalampos Kydonakis

With Warn’d in Vain and Back to Nowhere, two complementary books illustrating two trips to New York and in Crete, Greek photographer Charalmpos Kydonakis reinvent street photography and showcases his nightmarish visions.

© Charalampos Kydonakis

5. Eugène Blove

To cover the self and ultra-surveillance of our societies, artist Eugène Blove chose the selfie – rigged. He presents, in his book Selfless published by Classe moyenne editions, a more than welcomed reflection on our relation to imagery. Let’s meet the author of this ironic-socio-political project.

© Eugène Blove

Cover picture: © Lao Xie Xie