Here is a focus on the readers’ three favourite discoveries of April 2019 on the Fisheye website: Ed Alcock, Grégory Dargent and Rhiannon Adam.

1. Ed Alcock

June 24th, 2016, the news broke out that the British had voted in favor of Brexit. Perplexed, the Franco-British photographer Ed Alcock traveled to his homeland to investigate. A journey immortalized in his project Home Sweet Home, exhibited at Circulation(s), questioning the concept of identity through multiple medias. Interview.

© Ed Alcock

2. Grégory Dargent

The photographer and musician Grégory Dargent delivers with his work “H” a somber and introspective story on Reggane, an Algerian desert that served as a site for nuclear tryouts in the 60’s. Interview.

© Grégory Dargent

3. Rhiannon Adam

The Irish photographer Rhiannon Adam stayed for three months in 2015 on the Pitcairn Islands, located in the middle of the Pacific. She investigated certain social drifts produced by its isolation. An immersion between myths and insularity. This article can be found in our latest edition.

© Rhiannon Adam

Cover image © Ed Alcock