Here’s a focus on three of the readers’ favourite discoveries, presented last August on Fisheye’s website: Taboob, Sébastien Leban and Charlotte Lapalus.

1. Taboob, a project created by Jasper Declercq and Noortje Palmers

“For a variety of reasons, we don’t allow nudity on Instagram. This includes photos, videos, and some digitally-created content that show sexual intercourse, genitals (…) also includes some photos of female nipples.” The rules of the social media dedicated to image leave no place to doubt. But what does a nipple represent? Why would pictures of women breastfeeding, and the naked bodies in painting and sculptures be authorised? Is this because of an excessive sexualisation? Many questions that have fascinated Jasper Declercq and Noortje Palmers, the two founders of Taboob, a photographic project giving breasts the place of honour they deserve.

© Taboob

2. Sébastien Leban

Sébastien Leban travelled to Tangier, an island situated in the State of Virginia, United States, which is touched by climate change. In Tangier, l’île perdue (Tangier, the lost island, ed.) the French photographer documented the everyday life of its inhabitants – pro Donald Trump and climate sceptics – on the road to ruin.

© Sébastien Leban

3. Charlotte Lapalus

Though Charlotte Lapalus produces fashion commissions, she does not like to be locked up in a box. “I like capturing what touches me: the reflection of a light on a perfume bottle, a woman’s body, the spontaneity of a child or a landscape’s vastness…” she explains. Inspired by her memories and senses, Charlotte Lapalus builds images with tenderness and benevolence.


© Charlotte Lapalus

Cover picture © Taboob