Mig20, who’s real name is Vincent Migrenne, 48 years old, is a Parisian photographer who shoots with his smartphone. Square, graphic and colourful, his photos reflect the world as he visions it : poetic and surprising.

As a child, Vincent Migrenne was a record sleeve enthusiast. Furthermore, each summer, he would acquire from his grandmother a collection of Paris Match magazines. Two major passions that shaped him and his photography. Today, he is a designer and editor in advertising and also a street photographer in his spare time. It is throughout his daily walks through Paris and on holiday that he notices special moments : sometimes unusual, sometimes endearing. All his photos are completely unedited and hardly touched up. His secret ? To imagine the photo before taking it and most of all, to pretend to be ‘the man who’s lost looking for the right way on google maps‘. Vincent Migrenne (or Mig20 for his nickname), is an Instagram fanatic, a platform that allows him to perfect his style. We understand better his obsession for the squared format – 20×20 : ‘The format Instagram, it’s my world ‘, he explains. He is also active on Tumblr, that is were he shares ‘the best of the best’.

‘A beautiful photo must be graphic but also needs to tell something’

Between graphics and humanisme

Vincent Migrenne is in love with life. Passionate about the city as much as it’s inhabitants, it never get’s old to pull out his iPhone. ‘I take between 10 and 30 photos a day ‘. A beautiful average for an amateur. And when he does capture his daily life, it is always with a unique gaze. A critical look inspired by the masters. From Vivian Maier to Martin Parr, all the way from Elliott Erwitt – he is fascinated by the series Dogs, he creates a universe combining graphics, ‘humanistic photography’ and candid coincidences. Additionally, to wholeheartedly appreciate his images, it is worth reading the legend, often offbeat.

Lignes aériennes © Vincent Migrenne
Poussins © Vincent Migrenne
Marguerite © Vincent Migrenne
Elouan © Vincent Migrenne
© Vincent Migrenne
© Vincent Migrenne
Courbes © Vincent Migrenne
Lignes © Vincent Migrenne

Cover photo : Les Mamies du Moma © Vincent Migrenne

Translated by Molly Sisson