In need of some inspiration ? Discover our weekly Instagram accounts that have caught our eye.


Here is a beautiful discovery. Andrew Albright lives in Arkansas, America while the photographer was born and grew up in Burkina Faso. For him, this experience within this country has influenced his way of seeing the world today. His gentile and positive gaze will put a spell on you.

© Andrew Albright / Instagram


Welcome to a world of pastels and minimalism of this mysterious Instagrammer. Even if we do not know which photographer is hiding behind his or her camera and screen, we can guess that they are refined spectators of the world. Their street photography or landscapes transportes us  into a timeless world.

© xerca.raw / Instagram


Sandra Heraud is a young women who has three passions in her life : dancing, travelling and photography. She is inspired by her surroundings : big naturel spaces to those more urban.

© Sandra Heraud / Instagram


Australian photographer, James Needham is today based in New York. His coloured images sway between minimalism and a holiday narrative.

© James Needham / Intagram



Kira Braden is a young photographer based in Ottawa. She uses analogue as digital, and, as many others she is fascinated by nature. We never get bored of admiring her poetical cliches !

© Kira Braden / Instagram


While being a photographer, Josep Maria Nogueras is also a writer. But to navigate on his account, no need for words, his images say enough, they are once again z beautiful account of his travels.

© Josep Maria Nogueras / Instagram