Lacking inspiration? Each week, we select a number of Instagram accounts that have caught our eye. Don’t hesitate to tag #fisheyemag in your publications!


Gareth is a Portugal-based photographer who works only with Polaroid. Photos are a way for him to apprehend the world. His images give forth an idyllic vision of his environment and the people around him—an atmosphere more dream-like than resembling reality.

© Gareth Weston / Instagram


As a photography student at the London College of Fashion, Nicole is a politically engaged artist. For her, fashion must be feminist. Nicole wants to show diversity, to liberate herself from the clearly heterocentric codes of this type of photography, which is also very influenced by the male gaze.

© Nicole Ngai / Instagram


Women are Gabriela’s main models. All the women she photographs are surrounded by an aura of power. Immerse yourself in their gaze: there’s malice, impertinence, defiance almost. What’s more, it’s colourful, rich and beautiful. An Instagram account very much in the girl-power style that we recommend with real enthusiasm!

© Gabriela Mendez / Instagram


Vishal Marapon’s photos are meticulous constructions. Nothing’s left to chance. The tight framing brings to light each happy coincidence through which the photographer allows himself to charm. They also reveal a very sharp gaze, to the absolute joy of his followers.

© Vishal Marapon / Instagram


With his passion for film photography, Matthew is shaping an “alternate reality”. He also questions the way a body interacts with its surroundings. He establishes a real complicity with his models as a result, who play with the lens just as much as the photographer plays with them.

© Matthew Willcocks / Instagram


To dive into the photos of Adi Putra is to enter another world. His unique universe is a creation where clarity has no place. The subject is blurry, almost elusive. Adi Putra works his fantasies like a chemist. There’s a slice of chance in the result, for which he labours with craftsman-like precision.

© Adi Putra / Instagram