Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


“It might have been a dream”, Karen Thom writes on her Instagram. Her delicate and minimal pictures seem to have come from a dream, indeed. Beaches and palm trees coloured with pale tones form an idyllic universe we hope never to wake up from.

© Karen Thom / Instagram


This mysterious Instagram reveals his flamboyant world, bathed in warm sunset tones. Man is absent from the pictures and, under the crimson sky, urban landscapes appear in a whole new light. A beautiful discovery.

© Manucasir / Instagram


Michael Wilson captures urban landscapes in colours, focusing on geometry. In his pictures, ligns are perfectly drawn and the composition is well thought out. Here is another reason to travel and visit cities.

© Michael Wilson / Instagram


“I grappled with the want to be creative and the want to do good not realising it were possible to merge both”, Matt Hyndman, a Northern Irish film director, now based in London, explains. The artist uses both films and photography to tell stories, and to try to change things.

© Matt Hyndman / Instagram


Nial McDiarmid is a Scottish photographer working in London. His touching and amusing portraits capture the diversity of the British capital. The images’ details – colourful accessories, bizarre postures, or intimate moments – are what makes this Instagram special.

© Niall McDiarmid / Instagram


Eric Giovon, director of photography based in New York, builds his images around light. He transforms scenes into dramatic moments, using it, like a veil, to drape the pictures. But light can also become intimate, or even fade away to reveal the nocturnal shadows. A sublime account.

© Eric Giovon / Instagram


Tamar Burduli’s images immerse us into our own dreams – or our own nightmares. Her pictures, either black and white or coloured, seem to stop time and force us to gaze into them. Tamar might very well inspire the portraitist in you.

© Tamar Burduli / Instagram