Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


Simon Kerola a.k.a Johnny Keethon is a self-taught Swedish photographer working in Stockholm. His pictures can be read like cinematic creations, where memories from childhood and inspiring portraits blend together.


The phrase ‘the heart shoots and the eye frames’ can be read on Doxshadow’s account. Its author? A student from the ETPA, the School of Photography and Game design. His pictures? Moments of daily life, sometimes staged.

© doxshadow / Instagram


Here, Cedric Roux photographs cities from every angle. Rome, Paris, New York… the French photographer seeks urban singularities. From his travels, he brings back stunning fleeing moments.

© Cedric Roux / Instagram


Fascinated by lighting, Pasquale Cassanelli plays with reflections and shades. No black and white on this account, this Instagramer chooses to live a colourful life!

© Pasquale Cassanelli / Instagram


Gülin Uymaz is one of those mysterious photographers who will only reveal their silhouettes. Her digital and silver halide photographs are soft and tender. An account that will make you fall in love with poetry.

© Gülin Uymaz / Instagram


Italian photographer Luca Lamoni lives in Scotland. To him, traveling and photography are hard to separate. His pictures, or ‘produce of his curiosity’ are the proofs that he can adapt and even shine in foreign lands.

© Luca Lamoni / Instagram