Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


I do not photograph people. Post on Monday/Wednesday/Friday’. Luca Abbadati seems to be a pragmatic and thorough photographer. Fascinated by geometry and proportions, he questions the relationship between nature and construction through his architectural images.

© Luca Abbadati / Instagram


Another photographer who has no interest in human presence. For more that twenty years Joseph has sought to create the best architectural images. And he has succeeded. Lighting, composition, highlighting of details: nothing is missing. His pictures evoke cinematic settings.

© Joseph Romeo / Instagram


Henri Prestes has two passions : photography and cinema. Scrolling down his account, we discover drafts of intriguing scripts. Will you remain a spectator? It’s up to you…

© Henri Prestes / Instagram


Most of Robert Ogilvie’s photographs were taken in San Fransisco. A city whose streets he walks and represents on ground level. A tale that will inspired the street photographer in you!

© Robert Ogilvie / Instagram

Here comes a tale dedicated to the city that never sleeps: New York. His author, an admirer of the city with a predestined name, Boris Apple makes you wander in the streets of the Big Apple, sometimes covered in snow, sometimes empty and hauntingly silent.

© Boris Apple / Instagram


The atmosphere is muted, softened as we enter the universe of Kylen, an oh so mysterious photographer. Here, he offers us a timeless and nocturnal journey.

© Kylen / Instagram