The artists in our Instagram selection #309 find inspiration in urban or intimate spaces. Together they compose a peaceful narrative and highlight the overlooked details of our daily lives.


Luka Hernet is the first artist from this selection to roam the city to capture intimate moments. And he plays with mystery – indeed, his images are impossible to locate. This enigma allows us to dream while browsing his digital gallery.

© Luka Hernet / Instagram


Welcome to the typically American world of Alain Matthew Paras. The San Francisco-based photographer takes us on a journey to California, but not only that! “Your daily dose of nostalgia”, he wrote on his Instagram intro – and we can only confirm this statement!

© Alain Matthew Paras / Instagram


Shadows, motion blur and nature… Could this be the recipe for a successful Instagram account? The lightness and simplicity of Marie Sophie Danckaert’s body of work intrigues and soothes our minds.

© Marie Sophie Danckaert / Instagram


There is a certain nostalgia in Yancy Yesovitch’s photographs. The artist continues his quest for vintage, capturing elements that bring back the hazy feeling of a past era.

© Yancy Yesovitch / Instagram


Based in Paris, photographer Sylvain Gasquet roams the streets of the capital and captures its geometry. Each of his shots makes us rediscover the architectural details of the city of light.

© Sylvain Gasquet / Instagram

Cover picture: © Yancy Yesovitch / Instagram