Megalopolises, snowy landscapes… The photographers of our Instagram selection #306 make us travel. The artists presented here deliver a suspended vision of their daily life, and showcase new perspectives.


A football player alone on the pitch, a house hidden in the forest… In short, life, here and there. Working with film, photographer and art director Adrian Vitelleschi Cook finds the grain that brings out our nostalgia.

© Adrian Vitelleschi Cook / Instagram


As the first megalopolis of this selection, Tokyo is broken down by photographers. Wandering through the Japanese capital, @ratchet_mk develops a dark, colourful and above all unique vision.

© ratchet_mk / Instagram


Under the pseudonym @parc.moon hides an artist who photographs Singapore. Through his unique vision, the artist frees the megalopolis from its incessant movement. Pastel colours and lightness mingle with the textures of the Asian city.

© parc.moon / Instagram

With his documentary photographs, Turkish artist Emre Çakmak opens the doors to his country. Whether he captures landscapes or portraits, the flash of his camera adds spontaneity to his pictures. A collection of aesthetics and calculated compositions.

© Emre Çakmak / Instagram


The photographer, only known by his first name, shares his wanderings with us through his artistic compositions. Always perfectly arranged, Alexander’s images border on abstraction.

© Alexander / Instagram

Cover picture: © Adrian Vitelleschi Cook / Instagram