Travels, portraits and smart editing compose our Instagram selection #305. In it you will find versatile, but sensitive artists. A collection of visions as personal as they are beautiful!


France, South-Africa, Greece… Photographer Paloma Saint Léger has made travelling around the word and sharing her stories on Instagram quite a habit. There, portraits mix with landscapes, and architecture with travel shots.

© Paloma Saint Léger


Sophia Bil unveils a soft and tender perspective of ordinary objects on her Instagram account. Showing either landscapes or street photography, the diversity of her work opens the doors to an unknown environment.

© Sophia Bil


Portrait artist Claudia Stranghöner captures mankind in their habitat and in all their states. In her pictures, they are often presented alone, walking around deserted environments – and completely free.

© Claudia Stranghöner


On her digital gallery, art director and photographer Rafaelle Lorgeril shows off a palette of rich colours and portraits. Enhanced by various stagings and an intricate editing, her models bring the pictures to life.

© Rafaelle Lorgeril


We know nothing about artist @portraitoftherivers apart from the delicate and esthetically rare pictures they present on their Instagram account. The blend of colours, the composition and the immaculate postproduction inevitably create a sense of wonder.

© portraitoftherivers

 Cover picture: ©portraitoftherivers