Empty landscapes, details torn from the everyday, intimate settings… The photographers of our Instagram selection #304 compose, each in their own way, a rich and personal digital gallery – where the arrangement of subjects reflects the subtleties of the mind.


Filip Bojović’s digital gallery presents itself as a sparkling mosaic of moments snatched from the everyday. Caught here and there, through the photographer’s lens, the smallest details of his life are elevated into a complex and exciting assemblage.

© Filip Bojović / Instagram


We don’t know anything about Instagramer @bellotzlaura_, so we’re getting to know her through her Instagram gallery. Specialising in portraiture, the photographer plays with materials and flashes to develop her own universe, between humour, reverie and intimacy.

© bellotzlaura_ / Instagram


Dustin Veitch – a photographer and filmmaker based in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada – places his homeland at the heart of his compositions. Vast wilderness, winter sunsets and American suburbs intersect on his Instagram account and immerse us in a lush natural environment.

© Dustin Veitch / Instagram


In the privacy of her flat, Silvana Yaques imagines poetic settings. Fascinated by chiaroscuro, the photographer illuminates details – expressions, body parts, shadows on the wall – to build new narratives. A wonderful discovery!

© Silvana Yaques / Instagram


“Taken in different parts of the country, between mountains and seas, my photos explore the memories of shared moments”, Romu Ducros writes on his website. Travelling around the country, the French photographer delicately captures the fleeting moments that separate people.

© Romu Ducros / Instagram

Cover picture: © bellotzlaura_ / Instagram