Soft focus, unique textures, play with reflections… The photographers of our Instagram selection #302 multiply layers in their images to disorient the viewer. Brought back to its own surface, the photographic image thus becomes a direct sample of the world‘s matter.


London-based French-British photographer Merrick D’Arcy-Irvine is fascinated by the movements of the human body. Fashion and dance become pretexts to design images that are both sensual and terribly mysterious.

© Merrick D’Arcy-Irvine / Instagram


Rough, soft, raw, sometimes delicate… The Spanish photographer Daniel Molina multiplies textures in his compositions. Through tight and minimalist shots, the artist captures the minute details of everyday life, that he elevates with almost divine lights.

© Daniel Molina / Instagram


Based in São Paulo, photographer and filmmaker Hudson Rodrigues captures the elusive beauty of a passionate youth. Through his lens, mirrors appear to add depth to our world. Is it narcissism, introspection or sensuality? Possible interpretations surface with as many reflections.

© Hudson Rodrigues / Instagram


The 19-year-old photographer builds a reality made of illusions. Kelly Saylor’s photographs disturb the laws of physics, and question the notion of certainty. While browsing the artist’s Instagram gallery, a reconstruction of our certitudes is imposed.

© Kelly Saylor


Nothing is real with Oumaïma Belouali, her fantastic environment seems to have come straight out of our dreams. Her pictures model reality by distending it. A photographer to discover while completely awake.

© Oumaïma Belouali

Cover picture: © Hudson Rodrigues / Instagram