Exercising their female gaze, representing the black community, capturing the inhabitants of cities… The photographers of our Instagram selection #296 all manage to exalt their personal environment.


Mixing surreal compositions and fashion influences, Johannesburg-based photographer John Baloy places the black community at the heart of his creations. Inspired by visual arts and graphic design, he illustrates his commitment through pop and pictorial works.

© John Baloy / Instagram


Artist and art director, Maha Alasaker unveils on Instagram her unique stagings. Still lifes, portraits, visual experiments, committed shots… The photographer makes use of her female gaze to capture and question her heritage and her environment.

© Maha Alasaker / Instagram


Based in Essaouira, Morocco, photographer Fahmi Saïd captures the port town’s daily life on film. Under the heat of a blazing sky, people parade, hurry, beat the tempo of the street… And give life to the urban landscape.

© Fahmi Saïd / Instagram


“My photographs are attempts at ideas”, says Ulysses Aoki, a street photographer based in Tokyo. Fond of chiaroscuro and graphic compositions, the Instagramer roams the Japanese capital in search of amusing moments or cinematic scenes. An immersion in the city’s life and its frantic rhythm.

© Ulysses Aoki / Instagram


“I photograph what I like”.  This simple message is written on Martina Loiola’s digital gallery. Based in Italy, the artist delicately portrays her friends as they wander around the country. Portraits and landscapes come together to form a truly sensitive ballad.

© Martina Loiola / Instagram

Cover picture: © Ulysses Aoki / Instagram