Brace yourself, an explosion of colors awaits you in our Instagram selection #294! By using kitsch, humour or tenderness, the photographers immerse their subjects in unique atmospheres, and highlight the challenges of the medium.


American photographer Melissa McLaughlin unveils “a storm of colours” on her Instagram account. On the road, her friends and landscapes take on acidic colours and form a universe with a psychedelic atmosphere.

© Melissa McLaughlin / Instagram


Saturated images, multicoloured accessories, quirky compositions… Ronni Campana’s Instagram account is bound to catch the eye. With humour, the Italian photographer deconstructs the codes of fashion and turns each shot into an unexpected and deliciously kitschy canvas.

© Ronni Campana / Instagram


Cinematographer Tjerk Jacob Muilwijk shares, on his Instagram gallery, shots from his music videos. Guided by the narrative power of the image, the artist captures striking scenes, as strange as they are mesmerising, and immerses us into a fictional universe where nothing seems impossible.

© Tjerk Jacob Muilwijk / Instagram


Based in Mexico, Juan Carlos Bogarin imbues his delicate compositions with pastel colours. In the street, never far from the sea, objects from everyday life become the gateway to a dreamlike world – where reverie and nostalgia are the order of the day.

© Juan Carlos Bogarin / Instagram


Amanda Chgz’s favourite theme is the body. By depicting it as contorted, folded in on itself, anonymous and even dehumanised, the photographer imagines a new way of capturing nudity – revealing the silhouette of a desexualised human being.

© Amanda Chgz / Instagram

Cover picture: © Tjerk Jacob Muilwijk / Instagram