Portraits, street photography, travel sceneries… The photographers of our Instagram selection #290 place colour at the heart of their compositions. A collection celebrating the arrival of spring!

Pop portraits, residential suburbs and desert landscapes blend together on Jacqueline Mitchell’s Instagram account. Although we know little about this photographer, her compositions transport us to exotic destinations. An account with a holiday flavour.

© Jacqueline Mitchell / Instagram


Specialising in film photography, Britanny Kelley White publishes mysterious visual narratives on her gallery, leaving it up to her followers to interpret them. “In doing this, both my viewers and I can collectively create a story without registration. It is an act that draws us together”, she writes on her website.

© Brittany Kelley White / Instagram


Urban scenes follow one another on photographer Tülay Ilhan’s Instagram account. Just like the great Saul Leiter, the red umbrella segments, here and there, the artist’s compositions, and brings an incandescent warmth to her gallery.

© Tülay Ilhan / Instagram


Not much is known about the artist Quang Thai, apart from the colourful – and paradoxically dark – scenes presented on his account. Portraits of his friends are complemented by fragments of his daily life: all the ingredients required to dive into his unique universe.

© Quang Thai / Instagram


Based in India, photographer Jahnabi Barua takes us on a journey across her country. The vivid colours overwhelm her compositions, reminiscent of the artist’s surreal dreams, where mysticism mixes with nostalgia.

© Jahnabi Barua / Instagram

Cover picture: © Brittany Kelley White / Instagram